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About The Safe Bathing Center


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The Safe Bathing Center is all about helping seniors or people with mobility challenges to live at home in a safe and comfortable environment.  We understand the problems some people face and we are here to help.  We have many years of selecting, selling and installing equipment to help live longer at home. At the Safe Bathing Center we have done a great deal of the homework on behalf of our customers. We have selected high quality products with great value for money. However, we don’t have all the required information. There is a huge variety of people of different shapes, sizes and personal needs. There is also a large variety of bathroom layouts and designs.

During the home survey, conditions can be explained and measurements taken. All Parties can exchange information and then be more able to make a well informed decision.

Our walk-in bathtubs are hand built by fully trained skilled craftsmen to ensure our high standards are met every time. The baths are built around a 1 inch steel adjustable frame to prevent twisting and leaking. Our manufactures do not cut corners & produce superior, high quality products every time.

Door Seal Lifetime Guarantee

Our baths are manufactured in re-enforced glass fiber using the latest manufacturing process. This ensures a quality build that will stand the test of time. The inward opening door seal is guaranteed for life against leaking. A lot of Walk-in-Baths on the market can leak through the door seal. This cannot happen with our bath tubs.

Not only do we have many styles and sizes to choose from, we have an excellent warranty program with most tubs boasting a 20+ year warranty on the tub and a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

Call us to discuss your project further. Put our 25 plus years of construction project management experience to work for you.
Telephone: 1-800-411-7101 Or 604-536-2261

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