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Comfort Height Toilets & Bidets


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Comfort Height Toilets & Bidets from The Safe Bathing Center offer a new standard in Eco-friendly comfort toilets and bidets. As humans have evolved, so to should toilet use. Our bidets let you take advantage of the latest advances in hygienic technologies and cleanliness. Take a look at some of our newest innovations in bidet design such as our energy efficient motor-less bidet. Download PDF

Not only do these toilets achieve a new standard of hygiene and cleanliness for everyday living, but they also allow the physically challenged to easily wash themselves completely clean with water.

No longer reliant on a caregiver or a loved one to wipe them, this helps maintain their independence and dignity.

Effective restroom regimen is an often overlooked but critically important part of any health-conscious person’s life. Let our superior technology and appealing design help you make the most of those frequent but brief bathroom breaks.

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Telephone: 1-800-411-7101 Or 604-536-2261

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