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Safety Rails


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Physically challenged, injured or aging individuals find that they can help sustain an independent life style in their own home with careful placement of safety rails, poles and trapezes. The Safe Bathing Center can provide both the equipment and if you require it, the installation services to help you install these items in your home.

The Super Pole

The Super Pole shown at left, is an excellent aide to mobility. The telescoping unit can be installed at a variety of locations around the home.

The Trapeze

The Trapeze is a useful system for using upper body strength to compensate for a weak or recovering abdomen or legs.

The Horizontal Rail System

Whether you are recovering from injury or extending your independent life style as you age, the creative use of the Super Pole and other accessories makes it easier to maintain mobility.

Custom Railing Solutions

The professionals at the Safe Bathing Center will work with you to design a safety rail system that assists mobility and fits with the decor of your home.

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Telephone: 1-800-411-7101 Or 604-536-2261

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