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Residential Elevators


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When you select one of many residential elevators from Safe Bathing Center you can be certain that you are getting quality, value and selections that will add uniqueness and appeal to your home or project.

We work with you to develop construction solutions, answer all your questions and provide you with detailed information to create a true partnership in regards to your elevator requirements.

Safe Bathing Center only furnishes elevators that are designed to complement your unique decor and still provide a safe and dependable elevator. In fact, residential elevators statistically, only occupy around 20-25% of the space needed by a flight of stairs, providing even more room to the home to be used for other things.

Safe Bathing elevators are hydraulically operated, so there’s no need to construct a deep pit to house the mechanical equipment. The hoist way is self-supporting and can easily be easily installed into an existing home either on the inside or outside!

Call us to discuss your project further. Put our 25 plus years of construction project management experience to work for you.
Telephone: 1-800-411-7101 Or 604-536-2261

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