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Mobility Devices


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Stair Lift

Stair lifts are important in modern society because they allow elderly people, who are affected by disabilities or mobility problems, to move freely around their home. Stair lifts can be fitted to any sort of stairs – be it spiral, curved or straight. They are also useful to stop accidents.

The Toilet Lift

The Safe Bathing Centre’s Toilet Lift enables seniors and users with restricted mobility to get on and off the toilet independently. It also helps reduce manual handling risks for carers who provide toileting assistance to the more dependent user.

Safety Rails

Physically challenged, injured or aging individuals find that they can help sustain an independent life style in their own home with careful placement of safety rails, poles and trapezes.

Access Ramps

If you use an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter to get around, you can make your property completely accessible by installing wheelchair ramps and lifts.

Comfort Height Toilets & Bidets

The Safe Bathing Centre is pleased to offer a new standard in Eco-friendly comfort toilets and bidets. As humans have evolved, so to should toilet use. Our bidets let you take advantage of the latest advances in hygienic technologies and cleanliness.

In Home Elevator

When you select a residential elevator from Safe Bathing Center you can be certain that you are getting quality, value and selections that will add uniqueness and appeal to your home or project.

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Telephone: 1-800-411-7101 Or 604-536-2261

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