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Walk In Bathtubs


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We have installed walk in bathtubs from numerous manufacturers and we know the good ones and those producing second and third tier products. We work hard to understand the market place and develop relationships with only the highest quality suppliers.We know what it means when bathing becomes a problem. Years of experience in this field means we are able to offer you the best possible advice, products and services.

All our baths are hand built using the highest quality fiberglass with a high gloss finish, to ensure durability and product life. Skilled craftsmen ensure our high standards are met every time. The walk in bathtubs are built around a 1 inch steel adjustable frame to prevent twisting and leaking.Simply put, our baths are the best you can find. Please take a few minutes to review our various walk in baths and see which one will work best for you.

The Imperial

Imperial Walk In Bath

A more luxurious model with a height of 40″ and extra features including a door towel rail, bidet notch and a larger bathing space.


The RM3

Imperial Walk In Bath

The RM3 is a free standing, or built-in, “side access tub” for easy transfer with safety features that make the RM3 unique in both quality and functionality.


The Guardian

Imperial Walk In Bath

Our mid-range bathtub, standing at 36″ high 26″ wide and 51.5″ long, the Guardian will easily fit in the place of your existing regular sized bath space.


The Snug

Imperial Walk In Bath

Smallest of our bathtub range is designed to fit in the smallest of spaces. It has an end opening door that can be hinged on the left or right hand side. The Snug provides that extra bathing facility either in a small room, a bedroom or in an en-suite.


The Majestic

Imperial Walk In Bath

This is the largest walk in bathtub. Generous dimensions for those who require extra bathing space. Like the Imperial it has its own towel rail and is hugely popular with the larger bather.


The Buckingham

Imperial Walk In Bath

A walk in bathtub that the whole family can enjoy. The same size as a regular bath, with the added feature of a door for ease of entry.


The Jersey

Imperial Walk In Bath

The JERSEY likewise has the proportions of a regular bath but in addition to the door has a power lift belt-seat. The seat gently lowers and lifts to assist the bather in entering and leaving the bath water.