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Walk In Showers


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Walk In ShowersWalk in showers features:

The Safe Bathing Center supplies and installs a huge selection of walk in showers (also referred to Walk-In Shower Kits) that will ensure your safety and comfort for years to come. Increase your safety at home by removing your hard to use bathtub and replacing it with one of our barrier free multi piece shower units or one of our all inclusive package units.

Each of our walk in showers has a low thresholds for easy access and are available in three, four and five piece models for easier installation in small places, like your bathroom! Each of the Walk-In Shower Units feature a luxurious ceramic tile like finish that’s easy to maintain and looks great. The shower walls have a composite 5 layer water proof membrane with a wood core for superior strength and ease of grab bar placement.

Whether your building a new bathroom or remodeling your existing one, talk to us before you make a decision concerning your new walk in showers bathroom!

Shower Systems, what we offer:

  • Multi piece Showers
  • Neo angle showers
  • One Piece showers for new construction
  • All inclusive Shower Packages
  • Walk-In Showers with Seat
  • Accessories

Reasons to Choose our Shower Systems

  • Huge selection to meet your unique requirements
  • Faster than tiling install and easy to maintain
  • Sophisticated styling to match your decor
  • Proven performance- extensive warranty
Call us to discuss your project further. Put our 25 plus years of construction project management experience to work for you.
Telephone: 1-800-411-7101 Or 604-536-2261

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