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Wheelchair Access Ramps


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Wheelchair Access Ramps For users of electric mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, accessibility is very important. Uneven surfaces such as exterior entrances to the home can create a barrier that a wheelchair or electric scooter user cannot cross. Some homes (particularly older homes or homes that have been remodeled) have other doorjambs or uneven floor levels that require a step as you are going from one part of the house to another.

Beyond the home, there are other parts of the property that cannot be traversed by a wheelchair or mobility user. Going from an exterior porch to the ground level and a of course, many homes also have stairways that aren’t negotiable for wheelchair or mobility scooter users. Furthermore, when wheelchair users go out, they also need a way to conveniently load their wheelchair or scooter into the vehicle.

Fortunately, modern accessibility options exist that can solve any or all of the above problems. If you use an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter to get around, you can make your property completely accessible by installing wheelchair access ramps and lifts.

The professionals at the Safe Bathing Center can construct custom access ramps to allow wheel chair access to your home or vehicle. We can design and build ramps that match your style of living or draw from our network of ramp manufactures to deliver off the shelf solutions.

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